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At Corps Logistics we provide field-tested, military-grade transportation for bike-share system implementation and operations. We care deeply about our country, and remain dedicated to each and every American community we serve. Our team truly lives by our mission statement “To make a Difference”, and are committed to providing the most dependable, safe and efficient service available. We recognize that each client we serve is unique, and requires an individually tailored transportation logistics plan that suits their needs.


Our company values reflect those that we learned and embodied while serving in the military:

• Service before self
• Integrity
• Excellence in all we do


Corps Logistics

We are a family of Military Veterans who apply unparalleled military-grade logistics expertise to provide safe and reliable transportation to the public. Our U.S. operations began in 2015 with the culmination of our exceptional team of qualified veterans, people who have led teams when it mattered the most: defending the United States of America.

At Corps Logistics, we are dedicated to providing America’s safest, most efficient transportation logistics service. As in military logistics, we recognize that people come first, which is why our service revolves around guaranteeing the highest standards of user safety and security in transit. It is through this philosophy that we have been able to bring our client-first logistics solutions to the communities and clients that we serve. We make sure to carefully analyze each community’s particular layout, as well as our users’ lifestyles, and then we build a system that conforms to their particular needs. Our team of dedicated veterans are willing to work with anyone requiring logistical support.

First Sergeant Jim Duffney

First Sergeant Jim Duffney, CEO & Founder, is the owner and founder of Corps Logistics. He also serves currently in the New Jersey Air National Guard specializing in military operations. He is committed to ensuring that the Corps Logistics family is comprised of veterans with proven logistics expertise.

Jim Duffney has over 35 years of military experience serving in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force, and has provided logistics services to the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Military, and private industry. Through his enduring service, he has participated in numerous missions abroad, including “Operation Enduring Freedom”.

Prior to heading Corps Logistics, Mr. Duffney was the Liaison to the U.S. Department of Defense for MILSPRAY Technologies, a combat readiness solutions company. Through this position he served as the point of contact for contracting, business development and logistical operations.

Between 1993 and 2013, Mr. Duffney worked for True Manufacturing as Sales and Operations Manager for Canadian and U.S. Markets. He averaged $10 million in annual sales, as well as managed the logistics of capital purchases. Additionally, he planned, developed and implemented a warranty program for Coca-Cola Canada, and supported by 450 service agents he minimized down-time of equipment by more than 70%. That same warranty program was later adopted by the company, and is now used internationally by True Manufacturing.

Previously, Mr. Duffney worked for Pepsi Cola Bottling Company in New Jersey, where he was responsible for logistical support of over $20 million of equipment assets and managed 200 unionized service technicians.

Our People

Corps Logistics is proud to have a team comprised of qualified veterans, people who have gained unparalleled experience while serving the United States of America. Our employees do not simply apply their military experience to provide exceptional service, but they do this with a level of conviction and efficiency that can only be learned through military training. The testimonial of Zack Hires, one of Corps Logistics’ employees and former member of the United States Air Force, embodies our company philosophy:

"When I returned home from serving my country, I had no real direction or goals in life. I was interested in work that was similar to what I did in the military, but wasn’t sure how to make that happen. This all changed when I met someone that helped put me in the right direction: First Sergeant Jim Duffney. Mr. Duffney introduced to me his company called Corps Logistics. It's a company built solely on helping veterans, like me, find a direction, work, and a better life. Mr Duffney showed me a path that was not only meaningful in my own eyes, but also important to the environment and community. I am very grateful and lucky to have found this opportunity”.

Social Commitment

We at Corps Logistics believe in the highest standards of transparency, ethics, compliance and sustainability. We strive “To make a difference” in communities throughout the United States, mainly through the employment of Military Veterans. We also partner with various local businesses and charities.


A vehicle-sharing network gives people the freedom to travel the way they want throughout the United States. Whether by regular bike, e-bike, or electric car, nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when travelling across America’s beautiful and open roads. Our family at Corps Logistics has dedicated their lives to protecting that freedom, and we have the technical and field expertise to ensure your vehicle is where you want it, when you want it, and operating at optimum capacity.

Freedom to commute throughout any city with field-tested, unparalleled Military Logistics expertise to ensure everyone can travel safely, the way they want, where they want. We are America’s most dependable vehicle-sharing service.

A vehicle-sharing network gives people the freedom to travel the way they want throughout American cities. Whether by regular bike, e-bike or electric car, nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when you travel down America’s beautiful and open roads.

Our family at Corps Logistics has dedicated their lives to protecting that freedom, and has the technical field expertise to ensure your vehicle is where you want it, when you want it, at optimum capacity.


- Feasibility Studies
- Business Models
- Site Planning
- Implementation
- Marketing
- Maintenance
- Sponsorship Acquisition & Management

Solutions for:


Whether you are looking to establish a new bike-share program in your community, or you want to enhance an existing one, we are your solution.


Travel on campus can be difficult, and bike-share programs are catching on as an easy way to facilitate a car-free education while saving money for students! It is also a great way to promote healthy and active lifestyles on campus.


Just like a fitness center and pool, bicycles provide another service that can attract and entertain guests. We not only provide bicycles, but further have the resources and expertise to run a bike-share program safely and efficiently.


Bicycles provide an exciting new investment that not only attracts new customers, but further satisfies existing tenants and employees through the creation of a new amenity. You also will encourage healthy living and help reduce traffic and congestion in your area.


Our approach to logistics derives directly from the military logistics philosophy. The three mains points of military logistics are:

• Moving personal
• Moving cargo & equipment
• Management of all resources on the ground

In times of crisis, the military firstly establish a base and ensures that all of the requisite necessities are available and in order. All personnel and cargo are then moved to the base, and those in charge of logistics ensure that all of this happens, stays in order, and functions properly.

There is an important relation between the approach of military logistics and the work we do at Corps Logistics. When installing a transportation system, we make sure that all of the necessities are in order before beginning the operation. The team then takes care to efficiently receive and install the equipment in an orderly manner. Finally we stay committed to ensuring the highest quality of maintenance throughout the operation and use of the equipment, providing the best and most efficient user experience available on the market.

© Copyright 2016 Corps Logistics, LLC - All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2016 Corps Logistics, LLC - All Rights    Reserved